This is a new website to help create a dialogue, and make contact with, both Green Party members and those who share a passion for the future of our beautiful ‘One Planet’.

Nothing matters more than how we individually and collectively now act – or not – to safeguard it.

More than ever everyone needs to be fully engaged with our own ecological intimacy that could bring this action to fruition. We are of nature – but we have allowed ourselves to be divorced from it. This has brought us to the precipice on which humanity now stands.

It’s time to move from an ego-centric to eco-centric world. A time for an energetic and creative Green Party to unite town, country and city voices into an optimistic confident mass green movement.

As Greens we must more imaginatively and robustly engage with the hearts and minds of all the country’s citizens. This means on all social and economic issues not just our compelling and urgent green agenda. More working class communities need to understand what we are about and why. With 30 years of political activism, work and life experience behind me I can make a wholehearted contribution to this vital task.

IMG_2962The Green Party has a mountain to climb, and we remain on the lower slopes. Currently we are stuck. A step change is needed to capture the commitment and political passions of people in this great country of ours by ensuring we are on the same page as they are: speaking about the issues that concern them, and offering solutions that progress all of our social, economic and environmental lives in a deliberative, meaningful and truly ecological way. We need our Green voices in the tabloid media combating the darkness of reactionary politics, the poison of despair and manufactured culture of apathy.

Environmentally, the crisis is very obvious. Imagine the horror of a world with no or very little birdsong, clean rivers or fresh unpolluted breezes. The once abundance of wildlife now in freefall, soil degradation, destruction of fresh water and pollution of the oceans… The list of problems at crisis point goes on resulting from the dominance of one species seemly unprepared to share with other living creatures; or curb its excesses.

But what is also clear is that economically and socially we’ve hit the buffers. Hyper-consumerism, the massive rise in inequality in the past four decades combined with a wanton  endemic selfishness and inflated sense of entitlement. Tinkering at the margins isn’t an option.

We must all move from being a reckless ego-centric society to an eco-centric one. We need to ensure everyone has enough for a decent life wherever they live in the world. We should perhaps recall the adage: there is no wealth but life. We need to find a way of living where we all find joy and fulfillment in ‘enough’.

As a Councillor I will continually work to encourage and explain the kind of changes required that can meet our – and the rest of biodiversity’s – needs in a way that our current ego-centric system isn’t and simply can’t.

Launch of Euro campaign, Cambridge, April 2014

Launch of Euro campaign, Cambridge, April 2014

” ‎Mark has proven time and time again that he’s determined to bring about real change that benefits both people and the environment. And, if the rise of a post democratic age has asked questions of the nation’s politicians, it is people like Mark that has answered them through inspiring words and tireless work in the community he represents.” M. Gaw, freelance writer & Green Party member

” The truth is that the vast majority of the general public don’t know what we stand for, many confusing us with Greenpeace, or believing us to be a single issue environmental party with no social or economic policies. The only way we can change this is by shouting about ourselves in mass media. We need strong personalities, strong brand image, inspirational bullet points -these are the things that sell ideas. We need to see and hear Green spokespeople in the media making strong statements about the issues that affect real people. We need a party that looks and sounds like it is ready to step into the national government. The small acorns approach is good, but we need to plant some faster growing trees to support the ecosystem.”  Rory O’Brien, Green Party member

” We need to appreciate that we can and should be winning votes from the right and the left, because we are NOT a party of the left. Even if we think we are, we should not be using that term, because the Green Party’s prime USP is that we as a society will not approach equality until we recognise that there are limits to growth.” R Lindsay, Journalist & Green Party member


One thought on “Welcome

  1. neil spencer

    A very inspiring and well structured statement. Good luck Mark, I very much hope you get elected. Warmest regards Neil


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